Lazy Days

This weekend was nothing short of relaxing! Every day since Christmas we have gone to the beach right near his house. It feels like I am at a 5 star resort! Yesterday after the beach, we went to a lookout tower in his town that had beautiful views of the ocean and the city. Then we went to my favorite cafe that we went to so many times last summer called Dome. It is a chain that is almost as popular as Starbucks, but it serves sit down food and the most AMAZING coffee. Then afterward, his parents, brother, Tyler and I went out to dinner at a fish and chips place right on the beach. So far, it’s been an amazing couple of days I’ve been here! Today we are driving about an hour to a different beach called Busselton.

Will write again soon!




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  1. Enjoy the slow pace. Will probably be busy when you get to South Africa. Thanks for the updates.


  2. So fabulous!! You both look so happy and it warms my heart that you so enjoy each other. It’s so great that you can see the New Year in with each other and I will read all your updates. Stay well, and especially have lots of fun, fun, fun.. Lots of love is crossing the ocean and and flying over Australia to reach you, along with virtual hugs.


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