Busselton Jetty, Koombana Bay, New Years Eve and the Wildlife Discovery Park!

The last few days have most definitely been fun filled! We went to the Busselton Jetty, which is the largest jetty in the southern hemisphere. The water was so warm and clear, it was absolutely beautiful! On Thursday we went to Koobana Bay, which is a little ocean inlet a few minutes from his house. We are going back there today! Later today, his family is having friends over for a barbecue.

Yesterday was one of my favorite days here so far. We went to a wildlife park (conveniently walking distance from his house, its crazy how close everything is) and we fed the kangaroos! They were so friendly and cute! We did this last time I visited Australia too, and I still got such a kick out of it. For New Years Eve, he had a some friends over at the house and then we went to an Irish pub in town called Fitzgerald’s for the countdown!

I also attached a video log of what I have been up to the past couple days. I’m gonna start making these every few weeks to highlight the adventures I am having!

Sending lots of love 🙂

Video Log:

Kangaroo Wildlife Park
Kangaroo Wildlife Park
New Years Eve
Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty
Koombana Bay
Koombana Bay
Busselton Jetty
Busselton Jetty


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  1. Dearest Savannah,I loved your video and how healthy and happy you look. It does appear that Perth is a beautiful part of the world. I love the photos of you and Tyler.  Give him my regards and know that I look forward to your correspondence- Enjoy every minute!!  Love, Grandma


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