Dolphin Cruise and Wildcats Game

One of my favorite things we have done so far is go on a Dolphin Cruise. The cruise takes off around 5 minutes from Tyler’s house in Koombana Bay, which is notorious for having lots of wild dolphins. Our tour guide on our boat said that there is over 150 dolphins living in the bay (which is a pretty small area!). We must have saw over fifty dolphins while on the boat during the hour and a half we were on the water. On Friday, we went to a Wildcats basketball game in Perth (about an hour and 40 away). Wildcats games are the Australian version of an NBA game. It was played in a huge arena and it was completely packed out, kinda reminded me of the Honda Center. Our seats were amazing, literally two rows back behind the court. The wildcats lost by 4, but it was still a fun experience! We are going to another Wildcats game on Wednesday and I think we are planning to stay the night in Perth.

Things here have been very mellow, lots of beach and relaxing! Only 11 days away now until I leave, and I’m trying to make the best of each moment I’m here. But overall, I am having the best time and I will miss this place very much!

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  1. Thanks for the update. It looks like you are having fun. You get summer in the winter, not fair.


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