Touchdown in Cape Town!

Today was my first day that I spent in my new home for the next five months! Im so jet lagged and delirious right now so it’s not the easiest time to blog! But I do want to share my initial impressions and thoughts and give a glimpse of how I am feeling. First things first, I am absolutely, 100% out of my comfort zone. Maybe I blame staying in the same town for college, or the fact that I just left the most beautiful Australia right before, but regardless of the reason, I feel very out of my element. It takes no time to notice the very wide gap between the poor and the white rich people in South Africa. What’s interesting though is that the town (Mowbay) that I am staying in isn’t what I would consider a “rich, white” neighborhood. Not saying that we are living with the poor, but it definitely isn’t a resort town. The house I am staying in is actually very nice, simple, and quant. There is a total of 40 Americans that are here through the same program, and I am living in a 6 bedroom, 2 bath house with three other girls. There is currently two empty rooms, so I am not entirely sure if others will show up and fill the space? Anyways, I attached a pic of my room!

As a group, we went on a short walking tour of downtown Cape Town and then drove to the beautiful waterfront Camps Bay beach area, which is absolutely gorgeous and is an extremely wealthy area. Tomorrow we leave for a two day camping trip as a group for orientation, fun!

Anyways, I think what I am trying to cope with the most isΒ being OK with not being OK.Β Im scared, intimidated, curious, and excited all at the same time. But I am making a conscious effort to try and view every day with a positive outlook. Sometimes it takes getting completely out of your elements to discover who you truly are. Today has shown me that the next five months will possibly be the biggest emotional challenge of my life.

DSCF0614 DSCF0627 IMG_1378 DSCF0623



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  1. Savannah, you will have the most incredible experience studying and living in South Africa! So happy and proud of you. I enjoy reading your blog (your mom forwards them to me) and you write very eloquently and express yourself well. Enjoy your time there and don’t forget to study πŸ™‚
    Cathleen Anderson-Luciani

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