Penguins, Ultra Music Festival, and other shenanigans

Well, only one day left until actually school starts! We have gone on so many cool adventures the past few days :). A group of nine of us took the train an hour down the coast to Simon’s Town, which is a cute little beach town that is famously known for Boulder’s Beach. Boulders beach is famous for having wild penguins roaming around. There is also a penguin sanctuary right on the beach where you can watch the huge colony of penguins, or go down to the beach and try taking pictures with them. I never knew that penguins could survive outside of freezing temperatures, but it was awesome to watch them surf in the waves and bathe on the beach. Yesterday, a group of us went to Ultra Music Festival, which is the largest EDM traveling music festival in the world! It was held at an ostrich farm about 30 minutes away, and it was AWESOME! All of my favorite DJ’s were there, most of them I have seen live before but I loved every moment being there at the festival. We didn’t get home until 5 in the morning, needless to say I am super tired at the moment!

We also had the club and activities fair at our school this week, which is where you can walk around to different booths and sign up for different clubs on campus. I signed up for the running club, the yoga club, the waterskiing club (trying to learn how before the summer ends), and a volunteering club. The volunteer club I signed up for goes into the high schools of the poorest parts of Cape Town and we help coach the debate team and teach the students critical thinking skills. I’m really excited to do this, and I hope I will stick with it every week throughout the entire semester.

IMG_1812 IMG_1798 IMG_1777IMG_1807 IMG_1928IMG_1947 IMG_1894  IMG_1969


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  1. i love reading your blogs- they are so full of excitement and you’re right—it’s awesome!    The photos are great and you look so beautiful and happy.  Will you have enough time to study, what with all the clubs you signed for? I am living vicariously through you, and enjoying all your trips and adventures.  Keep writing, I know we all love hearing from you.Love you,Grandma


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