Kayaking, Wake boarding, and other activities :)

Another fun filled week here at Cape Town! 

This week was my first week of going to different club meetings and events. I went running with the running club on Monday and I made a ton of new friends. Tuesday was my second time volunteering with the Township Debating League (TDL) club. For TDL, we go to a high school in an impoverished area and coach the after school debate club. The high school is located in a town of over 1000+ shacks and tin houses, it is extremely eye opening when we drive through the neighborhoods to get to this school. It definitely touches my heart because the students that we teach are so sweet and intelligent, but they live in such poverty.IMG_2227

On Thursday night, a group of Americans went to a vintage clothing swap meet in town and to a bunch of museums. Every first Thursday of the month, all of the museums in Cape Town open up from 6-9 pm for free entry. All of the museums are in very close walking distance of another and there were a ton of food vendors and other activities going on outside the museums.

On Saturday morning at 6 am, after a long very long night out with friends, we went kayaking in Hermanus Beach
which is about an hour away. Hermanus Beach is famous for having the best whale watching in the world, but unfortunately the whales only come out in the winter season from July-October.The bay where we went wake boardingWe were able to kayak close to a few seals and penguins though. That night, we stayed at a beach house with the UCT wake boarding club. The house was really interesting… there was no running water or electricity. But there was great company so we all bonded and had a great time :). Today (Sunday), we went to a lake to go wake boarding! I was able to stand up on the wakeboard and it was an amazing time out on the boat.

Such a fun filled week 🙂 It’s officially been a month in Cape Town! Only 3 and a half months to go 😦


View from our rooftop



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