Ibiza, and thoughts on being home

Hello family and friends!

It is finally come the time that I write my last blog post, with a heavy heart. It has been a weird transition coming back home, I am overwhelmed with so many emotions. On one hand, I am so happy to see my family and friends and enjoy the conveniences of life here (having a car, reliably electricity) but my heart yearns to go back to Cape Town. I guess I feel sad that my adventure is over and that I am back to “normal life”. But I know in due time that I will adjust to Orange County, with all of the traffic and smoggy skies… but it will definitely take time.

My last few weeks in Cape Town were full of exciting times. My friend Zell and I decided on a whim to book a trip to Ibiza, and we went for three nights. We had the best time hanging out on the beach, walking through town, jet-skiing, boating, and much more. We even met legendary DJ, Steve Aoki at dinner! It was such an amazing adventure, and I am dying to go to Ibiza again!

I spent the last few days I had in Cape Town visiting the places and restaurants that I knew I would miss this most. I went to my two favorite restaurants, Coco Wah Wah and Mango Ginger, and also to my favorite farmers market that happens every Saturday called The Old Biscuit Mill which has the most amazing food. I also hiked up Lion’s head on my last day there as my final goodbye to Cape Town.

I started two internships this week, one at a fashion online company called Le Jolie. I am making their videos for their website and helping out with marketing stuff, its unpaid and in LA but so far it has been pretty fun. I also have another internship at an interior design company called En4orm, and I am also helping out with their marketing. I am getting paid at this one and it is near South Coast Plaza. My bosses are really nice and I feel like I am going to learn a lot this summer at these internships!

Thank you for following my blog posts, and being by my side through this journey.

Until the next adventure,


Fashion internship
Fashion internship
My cubical
My cubical

IMG_6864 IMG_7493 IMG_7228 IMG_7013 IMG_7552 IMG_7074 IMG_7142 IMG_7217 IMG_6853 IMG_7444


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