Nice + Monaco!

Hello Family and Friends 🙂

So I’m wayyyyyyy to busy studying to my finals to write about Nice and Monaco last weekend, but I wanted to share the photos from my trip (the trip was awesome)! Wish me luck on my finals, I take them this Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I have a week off from school and I’m going to Barcelona and Lisbon, I’m so excited!

Here are some quick trip highlights:

  • Tour and wine tasting in Nice at a vineyard
  • Watched my first European soccer game, front row seats!
  • Explored Nice and drank lots of great wine :), amazing weather
  • Took the train to Monaco and won $20 at the Monte Carlo Casino, spent it on a very fancy cocktail!
  • On the last day there, we took the train to a few small beach cities and explores some very cute towns of the French Riviera
  • Our hostel upgraded us to our own hotel room, it was only $40 for 3 nights! We totally scored.

Will give a full recap of Barcelona, Lisbon, and how my exams went once I’m back from that trip. Miss everyone so much!




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